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A pension or a tax wrapper?

So we get to the heart of the matter. Is a pension a “wage in retirement” or is it a “tax-incentivised tax-wrapper”?  This little exchange on twitter sums up the differing views. For those who practice holistic financial planning, Al … Continue reading

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I’m busy making sure I stay alive!

Stella and I were listening to the conversation between two couples while at dinner on the train last night. The younger couple were conventionally married and in their fifties, the couple opposite were a mother and daughter , the daughter … Continue reading

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Opting back into a pension scheme?!?

One of the uses of a CDC scheme could be to allow people who have opted out of a DB plan – to opt back into a scheme which pays them a wage for life – albeit one that isn’t … Continue reading

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“Time spent frail in old age doubles”

  A Newcastle University study, suggests that elderly people are getting frail for longer as they reach the final years of their life. According to the Seed project men spent 2.4 years on average needing regular care and women three … Continue reading

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Planning for a noble and quick death?

  The FT has been doing some research about what motivates people to swap a pension for drawdown. The sample may not have been big but they’re drawing a strange conclusion. The superiority of the death benefits within drawdown are … Continue reading

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What do you mean “getting old”?

Hope I die before I get old   Today’s my son goes up to Cambridge, just as I did 36 years ago. He’ll make his own way, I am off to France to watch the Arc de Triomphe. It feels … Continue reading

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Selling happiness by the pound

    If I was Damian Stancombe, I wouldn’t be talking to me. Damian is a partner at a firm called Barnett Waddingham and I’m forever having a go at his firm. But he’s a tolerant fellow and we still … Continue reading

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When you’re 64… buy the state pension! (girls buy even earlier!)

  I chaired and spoke at a number of retirement income seminars last month – you may have been at one. While I was encouraged by the engagement and education of the audience in financial products, I was frustrated by the scope … Continue reading

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“Hope I die before I get old..?”

  The quote’s from Pete Townsend and the Who’s “my generation”. It’s a brutal version of the Beatles’ “when I’m 64” but both songs are driven by the fear of getting old “will you still need, me, will you still … Continue reading

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Safe, stable, regular and for life

I had lunch with Mr Sipp yesterday. Mr Sipp is John Moret and he has done more to pioneer the new pension freedoms than anyone else. I think the dodgy curry and glass of house white I bought him scant … Continue reading

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