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“A CDC design is not needed for the savings phase” – Stefan Lundberg

For those who read headlines , this article by Stefan Lundberg , may look an attack on CDC. For those who read articles, this is one of the best explanations of how CDC can be adapted to be a mass … Continue reading

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Keating moves the dial towards collective DC pensions.

The work done by Iain Clacher and Con Keating on creating a consistent  framework for a fair , sufficient  and sustainable way of returning to funded pension provision is too important to sit on an academic bookshelf. We have DC … Continue reading

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A pension or a tax wrapper?

So we get to the heart of the matter. Is a pension a “wage in retirement” or is it a “tax-incentivised tax-wrapper”?  This little exchange on twitter sums up the differing views. For those who practice holistic financial planning, Al … Continue reading

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Is calling a CDC pension a “wage in retirement” dishonest?

I got home from a fine evening with David Byrne at the Apollo, to a surprising assault from John Ralfe. It’s not surprising to be verbally assaulted by John on Twitter, but it was surprising that John, who had been … Continue reading

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Royal Mail’s pension; kick out the experts

A wage in retirement – not a dump of cash At the back end of last week,  Royal Mail rejected the CWU’s proposal to establish a new defined benefit scheme designed to keep posties accruing a pension based on career … Continue reading

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