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Do we need a cost and charges test to work out value ?

  This is a long and involved blog but it deals with an important subject in a timely way. One of the perceived unfairness’s of DC rather than DB pensions is that DB pensioners have all costs paid by the … Continue reading

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Making sense of value and money with personal “investment rates”

  Today we expect a discussion paper from tPR/FCA on the measurement of value for money. This is not so much a blog but an essay about measuring value. I’m trying to write about what I hear people saying and … Continue reading

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ClearGlass’ offer to small DB schemes… use it now!

I am really pleased to see Clear Glass offering help to small DB schemes at a cost any scheme can afford! For a time , I worked with small DB schemes and recognize that every penny counts in meeting their … Continue reading

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For workplace pensions value for money means……..

    One of the questions in the FCA’s consultation on value for money is whether its definition is ok or whether we can find a better one. This is our definition Pension value for money’s measured by the amount … Continue reading

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Angela Eagle’s stunning Bill on pension costs and charges

Angela Eagle presented a bill to the House of Commons at 1.30 yesterday (Wednesday May 8th). It is a fine bill and I wish it success. It may not succeed under the current Government and may be no more than … Continue reading

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Pensions “Shock and Awe”

Next week looks like being a big one for Pensions with the Pensions Minister summoning the dasboardistas to Westminster on Monday morning for the big reveal. This meeting is scheduled to last an hour and will mean I will be … Continue reading

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Is CDC “Flat World” – or “Flat Earth”?

The World Is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-first Century is an international best-selling book by Thomas L. Friedman that analyzes globalization The Flat Earth model is an archaic conception of Earth’s shape as a plane or disk. Many … Continue reading

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Con Keating on the Investment Association, Transparency and the Overton Window

Regular readers will be aware of my views on independent oversight of fund costs and charges. To me it’s critical to a reliable measure for Value for Money; without knowing we are getting value for money, how can we have … Continue reading

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Phoenix and its heroic IGC

Not a job for the boys Of all the duff jobs out there, being Chair of the Phoenix IGC must rank high in the pantheon. Phoenix is a shell company that over the years has acquired a number of life … Continue reading

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Chris Hitchen’s plea to the FCA on transparency.

It’s good that the PLSA have published the speeches at its investment conference on youtube. Here is a debate started by a speech from Tracey McDermott of the FCA that generates some really useful discussion  on “where the market is … Continue reading

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