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Why pension AVCs are back as a top employee benefit.

  There are a number of reasons why AVCs are increasingly popular to members of occupational schemes, most of them come down to a dirty three-letter word – TAX. A sensational tax product TAX- Budget changes mean that saving more … Continue reading

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Public sector worker? Two great ways to boost your pension.

This chart is from LCP’s excellent paper “the ski-slope of doom” which explains that a generation of workplace savers employed in the  private sector  will no longer be getting DB pensions but inferior DC pots (which they will have to … Continue reading

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LGPS AVCs- how can Prudential get it this wrong?

  Shaun Tetley (pictured) who is chair of the CIPP’s Public Sector Specialist Interest Group and an AVC specialist,  has explained to me the problems the LGPS’ 90 pension funds are having with Prudential AVCs. Shaun and I have developed … Continue reading

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