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Is a retirement pot a retirement plan?

Jo Cumbo’s public resolution – as part of national financial planning week – to adopt a plan for her retirement – was as brave as it was sensible. How many of us have worked out a strategy for the “what … Continue reading

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The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth- (guest blog- Matthew Masters)

68% of us think that we’re better than average drivers, which means that at least 18% of us are mistaken.  And does it come as a surprise that of that 68%, 61 out of every 100 are male?  While I … Continue reading

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Turning payroll administrators into pension managers

      A payroll administrator pays someone tomorrow, a pension manager pays someone for ever. A workplace pension is no more than deferred pay, you remove money from today’s pay-packet and it is returned later, when there’s no money … Continue reading

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A new pension deal

A NEW PENSIONS DEAL – NOT A NEW KIND OF ISA There is only one thing that distinguishes a pension plan from an ISA plan and that is liquidity. By “liquidity”, I mean the ease with which the plan holder can … Continue reading

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What’s the cost of choice?

I and my colleagues are fascinated by financial decisions; who to take out your mortgage with, who to bank with, which ISA to choose and which pension scheme to select for your staff. Which , Money Saving Expert and the … Continue reading

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