The Pension Play Pen Christmas Party

Manchester girls

Random photos of the Manchester girls to cheer me up

Morning everyone!
Well it would be were it not for

  1. It being the last school day of the year
  2. It raining cats and dogs- enought to make Noah give up!
  3. My head suggesting I am on fast spin in my beautiful landerette.

So to cheer me up I’m posting a lovely photo of the Manchester girls and I’m posting you my Christmas youtube message using my new video kit! Do click on the link as it containts some interesting news.

Which brings me back to the very wonderful play pen party last night- thanks to all! Here are a few photos by way of happy memories.

2012-12-19 21.19.40 2012-12-19 21.18.31 2012-12-19 21.18.25 2012-12-19 21.18.21 2012-12-19 21.18.15 2012-12-19 21.18.08 2012-12-19 21.17.41 2012-12-19 21.17.15 2012-12-19 21.17.04 2012-12-19 21.16.45 2012-12-19 21.16.23 2012-12-19 21.16.18 2012-12-19 21.16.10 HDR

This is my last UK blog of the year, tomorrow I am off with the boy to Tenerife. If this video thing works , I hope to post some more vids from abroad. But if you hear no more from me this year.


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2 Responses to The Pension Play Pen Christmas Party

  1. paullock56 says:

    Same to you Henry but your video link is broken – bon voyage!

  2. henry tapper says:

    Good news- the video link is mended!

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