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Can our pensions build back better? Sunak paints a greener picture.

Ricki Sunak’s first speech on financial services in the House of Commons came on the day we absorbed a Biden and a vaccine win. It was a bad day for viruses but a good day for the markets which bounced … Continue reading

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How Pension Providers become winners in a data driven world

Data requests are a key measure of  “quality of service”. This is a sister piece to my blog for pension consumers published here.  Under GDPR, consumers are entitled to their pension data in a timely fashion. In a test last … Continue reading

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Is Opperman getting it done? #PLSAinvest20

  Three months is a long time in politics. At the beginning of December Guy Opperman was part of a minority Government seemingly on the ropes. Three months  later, he is part of a Government with a majority of 80 … Continue reading

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Why I am ashamed to be a Conservative

I am a member of the Tory Party, Mark Field is my MP , the incident in this video occurred half a mile from where I live and work. I am ashamed. I do not want to be a member … Continue reading

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Less sales – more trustees please.

I was jogged out of my Friday night lethargy by this picture. Aon’s master trust has just been awarded a “Pension Quality Mark” by the PLSA.  I find this picture quite disturbing. The pensions minister Guy Opperman (right) is featured … Continue reading

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A lot not happening! PLSA update

  As the PLSA conference winds down and attendees return home, they will be left wondering what hasn’t happened. A lot of debate didn’t happen because those most wanting to debate were not at the Conference. Thankfullly we had expert … Continue reading

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“Not ducking the big decisions?”

The ABI conference “Free to Retire” sounds like a showboating convention for the great and the good, or at least for the new DWP Ministerial team.   We had been promised “big decisions” that wouldn’t be ducked by the new … Continue reading

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The Department of Workplace Procrastination?

  Keen to dispel the impression that the DWP does absolutely nothing with its time, its new Secretary of State , David Gauke has promised that the Government “will not shy away from taking  decisions on pensions“. This  statement was made … Continue reading

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