Remembrance day – let’s stop fighting.

Fire 12



Today is the anniversary of the day we stopped the war on November 11th 1918. Two sides stopped the war and though the peace was a poor one, the relief of ending hostilities is remembered. More importantly the loss of life is remembered.

On a happier note, this is also my 55th birthday for at just after 11 am on 11th November 2016, I popped out. My father says Mum broke the minute’s silence.

This week saw the end of hostilities in America and we will have some kind of a peace. There has been some kind of change in the world order, we are not quite sure what it will mean but only a year ago, the prospect of the UK leaving the EU and America being governed by Donald Trump would have brought the cries of “the world turned upside down”.

When you are in the thick of it, it may not seem so strange, the sun is coming up this morning.

I am about to leave Santa Lucia high up in the mountains of Gran Canaria. I will do so with a happy heart as I am returning to the First Actuarial Conference which I will catch the end of (the party).

I am also happy because I have spent a week thinking about making myself happier and concluded that this has got a lot to do with being kind. Kind is a great and underused word, it is related to kin – which is about the empathy that people have through blood. I consider kind to be an extension of the natural feelings we have to our own family.

The extended family that I have could be variously defined  but one definition is the 4000 or so regular readers of this blog, who have the fortitude to withstand what Paul Lewis refers to as the “Daily Tapper”. It has been a long time since I have not started the day with a blog.

There is no better place to start a new resolution than in public, so – for those who I have hurt- I apologise and those who I might have hurt – I will try to be more careful.

It is important that people are accountable for bad things, but they should not be humiliated for mistakes. Where there is deliberate intent to create disorder and harm, I’ll go on shouting.

So long as you go on reading!

It seems that my pension freedom has arrived. One of my first happy birthday’s was from the lady who has done more than anyone to explain these freedoms – my friend Michelle Cracknell.

Michelle and a few others provide this blog with its chief moral compass, but every comment I read and take on board. So thanks for the support and thanks for using and working with First Actuarial. Even if you don’t and violently disagree with me, let’s remember this is armistice day-and what that means.

Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen has informed this blog. Though he will no longer touch me directly through his wonderful concerts , his music and performances live on digital media.

Here he is, singing  a song that is particularly relevant for today.



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4 Responses to Remembrance day – let’s stop fighting.

  1. Well said Henry.

    We need to work together to go forward and not fight to go backwards.

    Happy birthday as well!

  2. Phil Castle says:

    As you say kindness is a very important thing, not just a word…… happy birthday with kind regards Phil Castle.

  3. Adrian F says:

    11th November 2016???

  4. Adrian F says:

    PS Happy Happy Birthday!

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