Thanks to all our nice new friends!



What a lovely New Year’s surprise! A gang of flamers having fun “one-starring” my blog!

Well it’s good news for me, all feedback is good feedback and your dislike of everything I am writing is boosting my google ratings no end!

In the past nobody bothered rating my blog with these stars, but now we might get a little engagement from less partisan readers!

Some people call these flamers “morons” but not me! i love them – bring it on!

Queen’s Award For Industry?

What most impresses me about my flamers – is there physical fitness, they must have finger-tips of iron. Every day, lugging their phones about , scrolling over to and boom – another blog downgraded.

This is productive use of time , exercising brain and body in a Mens sana in corpore sano kind of way.

This is bold and brace behaviour, the first step towards writing filth in the comments box. People like these will grow up to be fully formed trolls!

So let’s take off our cloth caps to the digital proletariat , these foot-soldiers of the miserati, who work so hard to make their feelings heard.

Have pity that they can do no more; they deserve the vertebrae they aspire to.



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4 Responses to Thanks to all our nice new friends!

  1. Dave C says:

    Don’t feed the trolls.

    You just fed the trolls.

    Is there no way to just dump the star rating any way?
    If people like or dislike something and feel you need to know surely they’d comment or email?

  2. henry taper says:

    I am very a generous nutritionalist!

  3. Peter Tompkins says:

    This got me laughing. The whole rating system from 1 to 5 is very dubious. What matters of course is what people have thought and express in words. So for Amazon I always look at the one stars and see what people say. Sometimes the comments are helpful because they point out a fault in a gadget which I would be concerned about. Other times, it makes it clear that the user was not employing the thing properly. It is really helpful.

    (Aside: don’t we all get exhausted by the number of times Amazon asked to retail packaging experience or eBay wanting to know our emotions about their delivery method?)

    The other one I am very familiar with is Airbnb. This is where guests and hosts staying on holiday rate each other. Apart from a few nationalities where cultures tend towards disliking giving anything five stars unless it is quite phenomenal, most guests and hosts five stars against pretty much everything. So the battle for hostS is to try to squeeze their average score up from 4.9 to 4.95 or whatever. It has all become rather meaningless, even though the rating system was supposed to be the USP of the whole Airbnb business.

    I don’t think anyone reads blogs on the basis of a rating system. They read them because they like what they say all the tone that they set. I too would be proud of being trolled like you have. Carry on blogging!

  4. henry tapper says:

    Thanks Peter – actually I’m laughing reading your post and find this attempt to subvert the blog risible!

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