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Can a one size fits all approach create pension harmony in the UK?

  The FCA and tPR have constructed a simple pensions consumer journey to be a framework for considering a standard response to pensions issues. In this blog, which forms part of my input to their call for evidence, I argue … Continue reading

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Sorting the Pension Gender Gap needs more than a nudge

  I’ve turned back to the research done by State Street and People’s Pension on the pension adequacy. The report came out a while ago and it’s not had the attention it needs or deserves, you can read it here. … Continue reading

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Does not discussing salaries, only benefit employers?

Having kicked the traces with corporate reward strategies, I now operate a company where everybody knows the wages of the company. For good reason I am AgeWage’s lowest paid employee and I’m proud that we are able to talk about … Continue reading

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UCU and UUK “please pack it in!”

My view is simple, the Joint Expert Panel was set up to prevent further disruption, please don’t disrupt further. Continue reading

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An inflation-busting “pay-rise” for low earners – but “who pays?”

The Government’s announced that for pay periods starting¬† on or after 1st April 2020 the National Living Wage (NLW) will increase by 6.2% – four times the rate of inflation. The NLW (for over 25 year olds) will increase¬† from … Continue reading

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Why are women’s pensions smaller than men’s?

One of the main ways women are penalised in pensions is by net pay schemes. These stop 1.2m low-paid workers (around 800,000 women) claiming tax relief worth around ¬£72m a year. This is an issue easily solved by @HMRCgovuk – … Continue reading

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“How we’re paid” is top of #GE17 agenda

If there is a debate going on over who next Governs Britain, how we get paid – as workers and pensioners, is at the heart of it. BREXIT may be the most important political issue , but we are no … Continue reading

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Why pensions pinch your pay packet

We now know that we are unlikely to get a national pay rise for the rest of the decade. We are worse off in terms of wages than we were ten years ago. What we get paid matters and with … Continue reading

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Till we know the “money” – shut up about “value”.

  I had a number of meeting yesterday culminating in an afternoon spent with members of the Transparency Task Force (TTF), with the FCA and with certain interested observers. I can report the meeting happened and what was said but … Continue reading

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“The re-nationalisation of pensions”

Who pays? – Scheme Pays! Buried deep in the technical pages of HMRC’s pension regulations is reference to a breezy topic “Scheme Pays“. “Scheme Pays” allows an occupational pension scheme to pay a member’s tax bill where the member has … Continue reading

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