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Fairer pensions for the private sector?

  One of the Minister for Pensions personal desiderata is to narrow the gap between DB and DC savers. The graph, taken from the DWP’s recent Analysis of Future Pension  Income.shows DC savers increasing while those with DB rights are … Continue reading

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The world is moving away from guaranteed pensions – so must we!

I spent yesterday morning with the OECD and some colleagues discussing the shift in pensions from a paradigm where employers stand behind promises with guarantees to the world we now live in , where our pension is of our making. … Continue reading

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5 Things I want from today’s DB Green Paper

The DWP is due to publish its Green Paper this morning. It’s an important initiative; -our defined benefit schemes are under threat but they have the potential to do much good not just to those in them, but to those who … Continue reading

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Common sense needed on transfers

Whether you’re moving house or moving money, the process is fraught. We are no closer to pots following member than when the “portable personal pension” was established in 1987. The friction involved in moving money from scheme to scheme, fund … Continue reading

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The pensions industry is far from ready for 2015.

There has been an assumption that through Guidance, Advice and revitalised Product, Britain’s lucky retirees drawing benefits from 2015 will take advantage of the new pension freedoms and things will be alright. The sharp of sight will have noticed a … Continue reading

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