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Aussie actuary flies DC…

  I needed to travel to London. I began my preparations with a call to an airline that I hadn’t used before but that I was keen to try, given its appeal­ing advertising. “Wombat Airways, good morning, this is Margaret … Continue reading

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Tie me Superfund down – sport

Q. What do you get if you cross a compulsory contribution system with  unfettered private sector provision? A. Australian Superannuation So this should come as no surprise A couple of enduring themes have emerged so far from the Royal Commission … Continue reading

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Do they mean us? How others countries see UK pensions!

The late  great Derek Jameson indulged us for a decade with facile but fascinating insights into how Johnny Foreigner viewed the Brits and ( when national self-esteem was low), we loved it! No matter how bad things were for us, … Continue reading

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Nuts traced as market collapses – @ #ppshow

£64bn fell off the shares of the London stock market today. Meanwhile we were holed up in the Excel Centre, listening to the views of the great and the good.. Here are my good buddies Colin Wilson and David Harris. It … Continue reading

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