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“Should fans have a voice?”; as with football, so with pensions.

I found this article  on Mallowstreet, a gated community for pension people. It is written by Sandra Woolf and its main contributor, Richard Butcher is both professional trustee and Chair of the PLSA. It is based on a press release … Continue reading

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Pension trustees -you can’t buy a sausage with a brick!

There is an interesting article in  the FT which has sparked quite different reactions from people I know. Here is it’s presentation from Jo Cumbo, who has strong views on investing other people’s money for social purpose. It’s Jo’s article. … Continue reading

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Old Mutual’s IGC – much improved!

Last year I gave Old Mutual’s IGC Chair Statement the thumbs down . This year’s statement is a great improvement. It will be the last from Old Mutual as the book of business looked after by Richard Butcher, Ian Costain, … Continue reading

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Drivel is Drivel – whoever says it

I read articles by Jack Bogle and Warren Buffet and John Kay and Terry Smith because I like to understand how money can be managed on my behalf better. I like to improve my understanding. And occasionally I read drivel. … Continue reading

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The value you get for your pension money

Independent help for all pension savers I started yesterday in the swanky new film studio under the FT’s Bracken House. It had to be built on stilts and sound and vibration sealed as the district line runs right below it. … Continue reading

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The Old Mutual IGC – “impotent and bed rid”

    Last year I was enthusiastic about the Old Mutual Wealth (OMW) IGC. I am afraid my enthusiasm has turned to world-weary scepticism that the IGC packs a punch sufficient to push much forward for the members of the various … Continue reading

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The day the IGCs had their picnic

Apparently yesterday was the day the IGCs had their picnic or whatever they do when they congregate at some legal temple in the City. The IGC’s – let’s be reminded – were set up by Government to keep the insurers … Continue reading

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So what’s the point of the DC trustee?

  It’s the first rule of trusteeship- if you can’t measure it – don’t trust it. It’s the right of anyone who has their own pension pot to know how much they are paying for the management of their money. … Continue reading

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Mismanaging on-line identity – when cyber PR goes wrong!

The role of the publicity agent has changed. Celebrities have so much exposure via social media that it’s a 24/7 task just reading what’s being said about your clients, let alone controlling the message. Quantity still trumps quality – the axiom that … Continue reading

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