Glastonbury – Johnny’s still alive.



There was a touching moment in Patti Smith’s set on the final day of Glastonbury. I’d always thought that Land was about the Johnny’s suicide, I’m glad that Johnny (and Rock and Roll) survive

In the late 70’s, “Horses”, the album on which Land features, was seldom far from the top of the stack. I liked the way it linked my French A level to my extra curricula studies

Go Rimbaud and Go Johnny Go and do the Watusi!

And , having been a religious zealot in my early teens, it was nice to hear Smith start Gloria

Jesus died for somebody’s sins but not mine

Glastonbury has a good habit of bringing back the good (Lionel Rich Tea excepted) and debunking the self-obsessed (Kanye West- what were you thinking?).

This year’s festival- or what I saw of it on i-player, was mostly about Mary J Blige, who proved that she is the great RnB singer of her generation and about Mark Ronson, who more of less stole the show with one of those sets that should be curated to the Hall of Fame.

From Burt Bacharach to Dave Ezra, creativity and song writing seem to abound. Maybe I’m just getting unsceptical in my middle age , but every time I tuned in, I was hearing stuff that was properly inspiring.

The great sadness (for me) remains the absence of John Peel. How I missed his acerbic contributions as I listened to the gush of BBC nonentities, with nothing to say, buts limitless airtime in which to say it.

The last time I went to the Festival was in 1983 but…

Johnny’s still alive.


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