Professional Pension Awards 2010

It’s easy to carp at the waste and indulgence of events like this but they happen whether we do or don’t and here are a few images of last night’s eight hour extravaganza.

Adrian Waddingham was Personality of the Year- good on you Adrian even if you didn’t show up.

Hamlet without the Prince? Elsinore without Polonius – quipped a bitchy freind.

Can’t agree with that- Adrian’s done a great job building his firm and responsibly promoting our industry.

It was great to see Andy Cox up on stage- now an industry veteran but looking younger by the day,

Phil looked drunk,Karen Wake looked demure, Alison Coulson looked happy and Beth- well just take a look!

Great to see nearly 1000 people having a good time. Well done Jonathan Stapleton and his team and thanks for the invite.

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  1. Beth Wernham-Kemp says:

    Well, that’s not a bad photo at all! Thanks Henry!

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