What’s done is done, what’s said is said

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This blog is about social media “presence”, it is also about self-worth.

I received this Direct Message on twitter today

Writing to ask that you remove two of your 2014 blog posts from search engine indexing. I’m not very happy that the front page results from googling my name are two character assassination pieces with out of context quotes and one sided commentary. Google my name and you’ll see the articles I refer to.

Social media is littered with casualties. From the personal injury (above) that hurts but goes no further, to the great conflagrations from an ill-placed comment from a Trump or Kevin Pietersen.

What’s done is done and what’s said is said.

Dilution by time

Time is a great healer, it is also a destroyer. We fade away on this planet and all that is left when we die are memories – and the results of search engine optimisation.

Much the same can be said of our google profiles. If the person who sent me the DM understood the nature of google, he would understand it is not personal, it is an algorithm in which that person has chosen to participate. I feel less sorely about an active troller on twitter than a passive presence whose google results are out of his/her control but I do not believe that we can create a cloak of invisibility online as in real life -even if we want one.

Time will heal, time will destroy the traces and the only way of ensuring that you remain in the public eye is by continuing to use social media as your personal platform,

Dilution by relevance

It is not a crime to be irrelevant but the reason most people post on social media is to be noticed. If you are not noticed you are irrelevant.

I had never thought to google this person’s name for – despite him appearing many times on my timelines, his implacable opposition to what I stand up for leaves me two choices, to counter him and make him relevant or ignore him and leave him to obscurity. Ironically, it is that obscurity that he/she seems to crave.

While I don’t think many people seek obscurity by asking you to google them, there are some who genuinely retire from the limelight and if this individual is seeking to do so – I wish that person well!

What’s done is done, what’s said is said

Taking your google profile a little less seriously is good for you! We cannot control the algorithm or what it throws up, If we choose to value ourselves in terms of what google says about us, we become a bark tossed by every squall, blown by winds and dragged by tides about which we can do nothing.

Instead we can recognise our self-worth in better ways than Klout could (Klout was a system of scoring you by your social media relevance). Klout died when it became obvious that Klout was itself irrelevant.

My correspondent, who I would rather have a friend than an enemy, could do well to remember that.

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  1. John Mather says:

    What is odd is how Sociopaths are immune to criticism
    and what is a matter of resignation for the sensitive becomes
    a badge of honour for the narcissist

    My own solution suggestion is best summed up by George

    “I look to the future because that is where I am going to spend the rest of my life”
    George Burns 1896-1996

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