Room 101 for BT Fon

BT fon

Join me if you would like the appallingly intrusive BT Fon service banished to room 101.

The ridiculous pay as you go service is like the unwanted guest who turns up uninvited at your every event.

BT Fon sits on your computer demanding attention and denying you access for the services you have bought- especially if you already paying for a BT service.

There is no way you can unfriend, unlike  or junk BT Fon as BT own its oxygen supply.

This intrusive service is slowly strangling whatever brand loyalty we had for BT. It is a menace, it is Japanese Knotweed, it is convulvulis, it is the American crayfish, the Mink, the rabbit.

It destroys the natural habitat in which we surf the web and invades our privacy at every opportunity.

Join with me in telling BT Fon -exactly – where to go!


It’s a little known fact, but when Iggy originally recorded ‘No fun” – it had the provisional title ‘NO FON”.


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  1. I agree , it is the most irritating, invasive on customer friendly service imaginable.

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