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Boomers struck down by Financial Constipation

I have four points to make about the figures published by HMRC on taxable drawdown yesterday The amount being drawn down is a dribble The drawdown is consistent over time – people are drawing down on average £30k pa These … Continue reading

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My pension fund manager – reassuringly boring.

I’ve worked out what I want from the person who runs my pension fund – I want them to be busy doing nothing. That’s more or less what Martin Dietz is doing running the Legal and General Multi-Asset Fund which … Continue reading

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Independent and inter-dependent!

Two top journos go nose to nose-  the usual suspects winding them up, it has all the ingredients of the weigh-in  …before a 15 rounder! But it’s more complicated. Jo is employed by the FT and protective of its business … Continue reading

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Room 101 for BT Fon

Join me if you would like the appallingly intrusive BT Fon service banished to room 101. The ridiculous pay as you go service is like the unwanted guest who turns up uninvited at your every event. BT Fon sits on … Continue reading

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One of the great words of the English language, fungibility means that something is replaceable. What’s fungible and what’s not? If I give you a tenner, that note is fungible with 10 £1 coins or two fivers. If I am … Continue reading

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