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Covid-19 actuaries give us their monthly medical update

There is emerging evidence that those who have previously been confirmed positive for COVD-19 may not develop a sustained antibody response and are susceptible to reinfection. Continue reading

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Will health insurers be unlikely winners from Covid-19?

  Background Much of the media and public attention is focused on the progression of Covid-19 in terms of cumulative and daily number of cases, deaths and recoveries.  However, for health actuaries, our key interest is in infection rates and … Continue reading

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AgeWage is closing its investment round (but you’ve still got a week to invest)

http://www.seedrs.com/agewage We’ll be closing our investment round with Seedrs on Friday 24th May. As I write, that gives readers a week to invest. You invest by clicking the link above, if you want to invest more than £5,000, drop henry@agewage.comContinue reading

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“Pentech” needs to lead or the dashboard won’t work

  The dichotomy between old and new skool pensions has rarely been so well displayed as at Wednesday’s Pension Dashboard Summit Enterprise v Start -up Consumer led v business case Big Government v entrepreneurs ABI v open banking Saving v Spending Prospective v … Continue reading

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Millennials! stand up for your future.

There weren’t many people at the Pension Management Institute’s event last night But it was an important meeting nonetheless   There is a little group of pension professionals under the age of 40 who could grow. They want to have a … Continue reading

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3000 blog posts up!

  At some point over the weekend I published my 3000th blog post. Time for celebration- no? Time for 500 words of reflection – yes! I think publishing stuff that might interest others is now an activity of daily living … Continue reading

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Employer’s duty to provide information to employees about pensions.

“where an employee has an important decision to make which has material financial implications the safest course of action for an employer is to provide the individual with all of the information that they need in order to make an … Continue reading

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Fundamental concern with pension regulation.

Con Keating on the political economy of UK pension scheme regulation John Woods’ paper “The political economy of UK pension scheme regulation” should be read closely, and repeatedly in both the FCA and the DWP, and used to inform their … Continue reading

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Balancing the long and short term consequences of pensions.

Lesley Titcomb is the Pensions Regulator; in this blog – first published here – she explains the balance she has to maintain between the various interest groups that want to have a say. If you read my blog yesterday, you’ll … Continue reading

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Everything’s a prototype – nothing on the web will last.

  The way people think about websites has changed so much over the past three years. This morning I read an article called “web design is dead” in which the author, Sergio Nouvel (@shesho) argues that internet innovation has shifted from … Continue reading

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