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Pension Administration – Cinderella no more; – Lesley Carline.

“Administration” has for decades been the Cinderella at the pension ball. Starved of investment , pension administration teams are typically underpaid and under-valued. Fees for administration are often fixed by the scheme funder (historically the employer, more recently the funder … Continue reading

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No crocodile tears over falling contributions – please!

In a lachrymose display of virtue signalling, the PMI reports that many employees are either reducing contributions to workplace pensions or thinking of doing so. This is neither surprising or regrettable, people need to take pension holidays from time to … Continue reading

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Dashboard frustration – have a thought for the consumer!

Pensions minister Guy Opperman has rebuffed concerns over the timescale of the Pensions Dashboards Programme, adding that the project would have moved at even greater speed if he had his way – https://t.co/G60ch5mH33@GuyOpperman @PensionsDboards @TMiddletonFPMI @aca_news pic.twitter.com/frzp14OVJZ — Pensions Expert … Continue reading

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Paritarian Pensions – Straw Men for Collective Defined Contribution Schemes

This note has been written to accompany a Pensions Management Institute virtual panel taking place on April 22nd on the topic of CDC pensions. It takes, as a straw man for some of the issues, a recent blog by Stefan … Continue reading

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Why the pension dashboard should accelerate.

The Pension Management Institute  hosted a webinar last week featuring Chris Curry and his Dashboard Delivery team, hosted by Lesley Carline, the PMI’s president. It was a good hour with an excellent question process which led to an interactive session. … Continue reading

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Will health insurers be unlikely winners from Covid-19?

  Background Much of the media and public attention is focused on the progression of Covid-19 in terms of cumulative and daily number of cases, deaths and recoveries.  However, for health actuaries, our key interest is in infection rates and … Continue reading

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CDC – a silver wage not a silver bullet

  Yesterday Ros (Baroness) Altmann hosted a webinar on retirement income which prompted some interesting follow up on social media. Here’s Mark Ormston of Retirement Line. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Ros Altmann on the ‘future of retirement income’ masterclass … Continue reading

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Pensions + the Media (II); sanitised disruption?

Ironically, the only article that I had rejected by the press last year, was an article on how pension people should deal with the press. The magazine I’d been asked to write for was not one that I read so … Continue reading

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“Not for profit” – a phrase fast losing any meaning!

Not for profit organisations – what good do they do? All year I have been speaking with institutes and associations from the ABI and IA through the PLSA and PMI to ICAEW, ICAS and ACCA . As soon as you start, you don’t … Continue reading

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