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Payroll leads- Pensions follow.

I have been writing for a few years about the value shift from actuarial to operational, in pension consultancy. I also predicted that it would be payroll that would do the heavy lifting on auto-enrolment. I was right on both … Continue reading

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Don’t tell me “this feels momentous”

Does this feel momentous to you? If we remain in the EU, as the bookies tell us we will, we will be  where we were before this sad sorry saga began, with diminished credibility. If we leave, we will be … Continue reading

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Care or hubris? – How Tesco got in such a pensions mess.

Every little helps? The right old mess that Tesco has found itself in , is blamed partially on its mishandling of its pension strategy. How can an organisation with the motto “every little counts” have such a large pension deficit? … Continue reading

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“Thought leadership” – perish the thought!

Anyone who markets themselves as a thought leader ought to shut up – (pension plowman 2013) I was tweeted the message “shut up” by a twitter robot yesterday which made me consider whether I should be annoying people with my … Continue reading

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The living side of change (guest blog from Jenny Davidson)

Jenny’s one of the most intuitive people I know, she runs the reward side of things at CSC and has recently started writing her ideas down. This is an edited version of a recent blog; I like it because it … Continue reading

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