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Payroll leads- Pensions follow.

I have been writing for a few years about the value shift from actuarial to operational, in pension consultancy. I also predicted that it would be payroll that would do the heavy lifting on auto-enrolment. I was right on both … Continue reading

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Don’t tell me “this feels momentous”

Does this feel momentous to you? If we remain in the EU, as the bookies tell us we will, we will be ¬†where we were before this sad sorry saga began, with diminished credibility. If we leave, we will be … Continue reading

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Care or hubris? – How Tesco got in such a pensions mess.

Every little helps? The right old mess that Tesco has found itself in , is blamed partially on its mishandling of its pension strategy. How can an organisation with the motto “every little counts” have such a large pension deficit? … Continue reading

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“Thought leadership” – perish the thought!

Anyone who markets themselves as a thought leader ought to shut up – (pension plowman 2013) I was tweeted the message “shut up” by a twitter robot yesterday which made me consider whether I should be annoying people with my … Continue reading

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The living side of change (guest blog from Jenny Davidson)

Jenny’s one of the most intuitive people I know, she runs the reward side of things at CSC and has recently started writing her ideas down. This is an edited version of a recent blog; I like it because it … Continue reading

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