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With Friends Like These, Who Needs Enemies? The DB Funding Code: An Existential Threat to Open DB Scheme

  We have been asked what impact the Funding Code would have on open schemes by a number of correspondents.  This blog illustrates why the new funding code is the  biggest risk that open scheme members face . Simply put, … Continue reading

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Which comes first – the dashboard or the data?

I’m doing a call this morning with some pension strategy people , some from Fintech and some representing “old tech”. It’s a timely discussion as the Scottish National Party  limbers up to put a spoke in the wheels of an … Continue reading

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Do we need a pension dashboard , open pensions or both?

The title of this post is also the title of a session I am chairing at a forthcoming DG conference. I suggested the title and the organisers have asked me to explain myself – so here goes! I had long … Continue reading

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A radically simple solution to dashboard delivery.

Pension Bee has produced two important papers in the past week. The first is its response to the FCA’s call for input on Open Finance The second is yesterday’s public  call to action to bring open pensions as part of … Continue reading

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Why pensions and dashboards, need to be open – Matt Burrell blogs.

I always thought the ABI needed some left field thinking on the pensions dashboard, and they’ve got it in Matt Burrell who has written a blog that’s argues that pension providers are best trusted to show us our pension data. … Continue reading

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Open pensions; – the opportunity …and the threat.

Darren Philp’s a passionate guy and you should read his piece in Professional Pensions on how we should allow the Pension Dashboard to be part of the open finance initiative. He even has a Mary Poppins moment Apps and aggregators, … Continue reading

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Finding our pensions

  In a vigorous debate at DWP HQ, two quite different approaches to finding pensions emerged. This blog helps people to understand what the debate is about and why it matters to everyone. It matters because there is some £20bn. … Continue reading

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Pension Dashboards – time to respond!

At a recent PPI seminar, Laurie Edmans reminded us that he had been responsible for helping Government nearly deliver combined pension forecasts in 2004 – nearly 15 years ago. I wrote to Laurie thanking him for chairing an excellent event … Continue reading

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Open pensions – not closed meetings!

  In advance of an expected announcement on the pensions dashboard on Monday, Frank Field has published a letter to Guy Opperman and his Work and Pensions Select Committee and  has published the findings  of a round table with the “pension … Continue reading

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