Stefan Lunbergh’s world tour – turning pots to pensions!


Coffee Morning – Cardano’s Stefan Lundbergh explains how the world’s  turning pots into pensions 


 Tuesday August 8th, 2023 ; 10:30 am -11,30am  Online (+1HR CPD)

Stefan has spent the last year bringing together thought leaders from around the world to talk about “decumulation” . You can explore his work by visiting the wonderful Pioneering Pensions website

Now the tables are turned and we’ll be quizzing him on what he thinks would work in the UK.

Here are ten questions I want to find some answers to

  1. What’s driving the political agendas for countries with developed DC systems?
  2. Is the trend towards individual freedom or collective provision? Do we need an in retirement defaults?
  3. How important are guarantees , does this vary with age and should we adopt Arun Muralidhar’s Selfies?
  4. Will CDC develop as a whole of life or “decumulation only?”
  5. What’s a tontine and are tontines relevant today?
  6. What can we learn from Canada and Bonnie McDonald’s Dynamic Pension Pools?
  7. Are with profits annuities an over baked alternative to CDC?
  8. How does the UK create scale to pool longevity? Do we need individual underwriting?
  9. What are the Americans up to and what can we learn from TIAA-CREF?
  10. What went wrong and what’s going right in Holland?

Of course there are many other great ideas out there. I have a friend in Brighton who would like to recreate SERPS as a funded CDC scheme. There are people who strongly oppose the collective approach and focus on investment pathways while actuarial purists consider CDC as DB without the guarantees.

Stefan may not have the answers to all these questions but nobody , except perhaps Adrian Boulding, has as good a grasp of the issues we struggle with.

Bill Sharp called turning a pot to a pension the nastiest hardest problem in finance. For many, it’s just too hard to tackle. For Stefan the challenge has become a personal crusade,

But like Adrian, Stefan is able to bring fun to the subject , that ensures he is never boring,

This promises to be one of the most challenging but good-humored coffee morning’s we’ve had and your attendance is eagerly anticipated !


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Stefan is Director of Insights at Cardano and is based in Amsterdam.


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