What’s a social media champion?

The news is that I’m up for an award as a social media champ – or or perhaps “chump”. I’d be beating a food bunch if I won;- the Pensions Monkey Tom Mcphail, Mallowstreet, the dynamic golfing legend Gurjit Dehl and Madamoiselle Bighair – Ros Altmann.

All hail the Actuarial Post and their fab editor Ellie Burns for a series of awards that reward talent and not advertising spend

Nonetheless , win I must for despite all contestants being members of the Pension Play Pen, your blogger is the sine qua non of social media  ineptitude. If ever there was a bungling, mispelling incompetent it is your Pension Plowmen and it is this endearing inadequacy that marks me out as a champion.

Oh I’m sorry; I’m told I should be championing social media- indeed

Social media -la la la

Social media – la la la

Everyone feel better now?

Social media does not need champions, it is the means we go about finding wives and lovers, comparing the market, talking with our friends on the other side of the world.

The time to campaign for social media was 2009 when Rob and Dawid invested the money in mallowstreet,

This should be their lap of honour!

These are the two great champions in my view. Without their courage and vision I would not have bothered- the Pension Play Pen would not have happened.

Then there’s Tom- what an advert he is for Hargreaves Lansdowne and I mean that positively. The guy is quite brilliantly reinventing the way a company can deliver a persona through an iconic spokesperson. Another genius of our time.

Ros Altmann- marmite- the very essence of contraversy , there is not a contentious bone in her body. But here arguments are based in sound logic- she was a banker but she , if anyone, can show bankers a way back to righteousness.

And Gurjit- if you have had the pleasure of being around this guy you know he is a consumate mate. He and Simon Kew and Bill Whitehead are the exempla of the on-line gentleman and the off-line roue.

There are many more, Fiona Tait, Jenny Kresser, Kath Oxenham- the ladies have the subtlety and wit as always to stand in the shadows and really run the show. Julie Henderson, Charlie Thomas and the great generation of pension journalists led by @fanforanade and Sebastian Cheek.

This tells of the pension community but it is but one of many. Payroll World, a magazine that is turned and tuned to the needs of payroll mangers and software providers has 22,000 twitter followers from 28 pubic utterances. Every profession has its champion!

Vote early, vote often , vote Tapper for social media champion in Pensions small world.

Oh and Yeovil Town won 3-1 away at Brentford tonight in case anyone in the world did not know!

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Founder of the Pension PlayPen,, partner of Stella, father of Olly . I am the Pension Plowman
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