Ten reasons to join the Pension Play Pen!

I’m excited! Driving through Berkshire and Hampshire to work it showed 8 degrees  on the dashboard, I drove open-top and imagined I was Jane Austen in a pony and trap (the pony called Frankel)!

I’m excited because there are 2499 members of our Pension Play Pen and by the time I finish writing this, I hope there will be 2,500!

Of those 2500, only 23 aren’t first degree linked in connections and I’m proud that this Play Pen is a community that is pervaded by a spirit of positive energy which makes people want to come together and share things.

This is an inclusive community, I have only banned one person (a spammer) and have never excluded someone who requested to join. We have pension managers and recruitment consultants, bankers and fund managers, advisers and consultants, trustees and regulators, journalists and administrators. We have CEOs and students and everyone has the same rights to post , attend events and connect with others.

So here are the ten things that the Pension Play Pen can offer you!

  1. You can ask to connect with any of the other 2500 members on the basis that you share a group, and because we are a community, you can expect most of the time to get connected.
  2. You can attend lunches which discuss topical pension matters “pay as you go” – this month we have lunches in Reading, Edinburgh, Bristol and London.  Lunches also happen in Leeds and Manchester.
  3. You can promote your event on the discussions board, whether it’s you or a friend performing in a Gilbert and Sullivan operetta or a seminar on obscure regulation, you can post!
  4. You can ask a question , either directly or using a poll and find other people with similar issues to you in a subject. You can tap into their experience and knowledge and create business opportunities.
  5. You can attend our group events, we go racing at Cheltenham and Ascot, we have organised cycling events, we have been sailing together and been up and down the Thames on our boat Lady Lucy.
  6. You can come to our parties, whether in Group HQ – the Counting House or in one of our satellite locations such as the White Hart in Barnes.
  7. You can congregate at conferences we meet at the big conferences at Play Pen member stands
  8. You can join our golfing society and pay and play on some great courses
  9. You can post jobs , whether you are a professional recruiter or simply wanting to build your team.
  10. You can join our band – the Racket of the Lambs – and gig at Pension Rocks IV.

So many of us get stuck at our desks – we have so little input into how pensions work and our output can seem unvalued. Get on the Pension Play Pen and thinks are different, when you make a comment on a post, that comment gets read, commented on and you’re as like as not to get a mail from someone who wants to know more about you.

We’ve broken all the rules. We’ve done all this on no budget, no sponsorship and the only money that changes hands is to pay for the events as people turn up for them. All the organisation is given us for nothing. The Bribery Act cannot touch us!

If you have been enthused by this , whether you are reading in Ghana or Grenada, China or Cuba, get on linked in, search for the Pension Play Pen group and ask to join. I guarantee you a warm welcome, an offer to link in to me and the same 5***** treatment from all the playmates as we are all used to from each other!




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Founder of the Pension PlayPen,, partner of Stella, father of Olly . I am the Pension Plowman
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