My mother is a donut

my mother


My mother is someone who I have admiration for.

This afternoon we went to walk Rosa the dog ; but when we got out of the car she discovered she was in her house slippers.

Rather than abort the walk she put a pair of old socks over her slippers and we walked for a couple of hours around wingreen and down to Berwick St John and back up to the old ox drove that meanders along to Salisbury.

This was my mother’s second walk of the day and the shorter one. She regularly walks ten miles a day.

She is 81.

There is a gentle way of growing old that makes me yearn to be her age, have her tolerance and to see the funny side of everything.

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2 Responses to My mother is a donut

  1. Martin says:

    Interesting idea to put the socks over the slippers. Maybe the socks were expendable. Or more easily washed.

  2. Neville says:

    Henry, like you, I want to be like your mother at 81.

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