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April 20th 2020 will live long in the memories of payroll. The Furlough has begun!

Here is Barry Matthews – payroll enthusiast and BDD of PayCircle and his call to arms!

Monday morning 20th April 2020, payroll teams across the land will be donning their battle fatigues for a day unlike any other!

Why the heck bother?

Because, if you didn’t already know, they care dearly for the financial well-being of the employees whose pay is entrusted to them and for the firms who employ them.

Today and all week, there will be a focus on ensuring that urgently needed furlough claims will be lodged with HMRC, mainly relying on the manual input of millions of records.

In my experience, this onerous task could not have been placed in more dependable hands. Wishing you all the strength and energy to cope guys

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Barry Matthews

So this blog is for all my friends in payroll, the Reward 300, members of the CIPP, users of the Pension PlayPen, payroll software specialists and the auto-enrolers

To those who have created the furlough strategy to those who are implementing it. Everyone on my side of the fence should say thank you.

When payroll is run, and run as it should – people will get their money as if all your work had never happened. Like the best background music, you add value by not being noticed.

Thanks Reward, thanks Payroll and thanks to all the outsourced agencies that deliver to the million plus employers running payrolls between now and the end of the month.

You keep us going and the payments you deliver will mean so much to those furloughed and at work alike


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