Let’s play nicely!


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Playing nicely

This is a most unusual blog as it starts with an apology – an apology to John Ralfe . It is also an apology to any of the people who were offended by my early morning rant at John.

I lost my temper with John for comments he made about my former colleagues Derek Benstead and Hilary Salt, bogging your frustration is not the way to sort things out.

As regular readers will know, I frequently quote John where his views and mine are the same. His position on WASPI is one I have adopted, I am sure there will be many areas in 2020 where I will quote John again.

For the record I was not drunk – infact I’ve dunk since I found my lungs were clotted last month, nor will I for the foreseeable.

I was pissed in another way, and I allowed my deep affection for Derek and Hilary to get in the way of my better judgement.  I should not fight fire with fire and the blog serves no useful purpose by publication.

You may ask why keep it up, there is a simple answer, over 1000 people get my blog by email and once those mails fly, there’s no retracting them. There is a more complex answer and that is that while the blog does me no good, it does at least explain the anger.

play nicely

Sorry John!


An introduction to John’s dystopia.

Since I’ve left First Actuarial I have had less to do with John Ralfe. John has moved on and even the famous @Ralfebot , John’s amanuensis and doppleganger has had a quieter time. John has not however stopped his trolling and this Sunday morning I bring you new hope that in 2020, this extraordinary man will continue to light up our lives.

To understand the dystopia, you must understand it’s root cause

I will try to keep this blog non-technical but will start with an explanation of John’s primary motivation , the exegesis of the “open scheme heresy”.

I give you by way of example,  this  microblog on my friends Derek and Hilary

CDC lifecycle

The work of the charlatans

Derek and Hilary’s  are not “dishonest charlatans”. They have a different view to John’s  but that neither makes them dishonest or a charlatan.

charlatan (also called a swindler or mountebank) is a person practicing quackery or some similar confidence trick or deception in order to obtain money, fame or other advantages via some form of pretense or deception

John cannot should not call people dishonest or charlatans without good reason. Both are actuaries and abide by the actuarial code of ethics. An attack on their honesty and professionalism is a serious matter.

2020 – let’s hope we have a more peaceful year

Many sound views and excellent insights that John does have, are often lost on people who take  his vulgarity seriously. This is a quote from my recent blog on WASPI

Screenshot 2019-12-22 at 15.07.40.png

Ralfebot’s genius is to confuse parody and the real thing to the point that nothing that John says is worth taking seriously.

But this is a minor issue, the sheer delight  John Ralfe’s twitter account has brought me over the years is a blessing. The genius of his mindset is – to me at least – undiminished by it being warped. Amidst all the nonsense there is enough in what he says, to make him an essential read and I wish John and his Bot a very happy Christmas.

I am aware that these six hundred words will be considered twaddle , because -after all – we are all idiots – save the master.


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  1. Dennis Leech says:

    John Ralfe, and the approach to pension scheme valuation that he insists on using, were comprehensively refuted fifteen years ago by Simon Carne in the paper ‘Being Actuarial with the Truth’, that remains relevant to the current crisis of pension schemes , and the USS in particular. http://www.simoncarne.com/truth.pdf

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