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ReAssuring us through its IGC?

A word on padding The first thing you notice about the ReAssure IGC report is stock images. Page one and two are entirely devoted to them, page three and four have one, page five has five and page six is … Continue reading

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Reassure’s IGC produce another good report

Reassure, the life insurance consolidator owned by Swiss Re, continues to swallow up large numbers of what the market calls “legacy” pensions. If you took out a pension in the past and stopped paying, you still have rights to that … Continue reading

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Reassured? The ReAssure IGC is working for you!

Many financial institutions harboured hopes of becoming workplace  pension providers only to fall by the wayside, close their doors and pull up the drawbridge on new business. The personal pension policyholders were not transferred to be looked after by progressive organisations … Continue reading

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Spin, spin and more spin – the Osborne tumble-dryer.

George Osborne’s oral statement that he was introducing a cap on exit penalties imposed on people trying to exercise their pension freedoms is turning out to be a joke, a tumble dryer of spin with nothing but old-rags to be … Continue reading

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