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TTF henryMy colleagues at First Actuarial will hate me for it – but I accepted an award from Mr Transparency – Andy Agethangelou, at the Transparency Task Force’s Auto-Enrolment event yesterday afternoon.

The point was that 30 people got together with the Pensions Regulator, and the PPI’s Chris Curry, to find ways to make auto-enrolment outcomes better. We did so under Andy’s Transparency Task Force umbrella and we did it in the Pension Corporation’s offices bang in the middle of the City.

The trophy has no point at all unless it maintains the work of Andy in the public eye.

During our meeting, we heard just how hard it has been for Andy, keeping the show on the road. At times he has come close to personal insolvency. He is finally getting some sponsors for the Taskforce as well as for individual events and they deserve much praise.

But he needs a whole lot more if his ambitious plans for keeping transparency at the forefront of the debate are to be fulfilled.

I have done nothing at all to deserve this award, but Andy has done me a kind service in giving me it. If by reading this blog, you recognise the warmth I , and all who attend Andy’s events, have for him, then perhaps I can inspire you to get in touch with the man and give him the support he so richly deserves.


Andy Agethangelou – Mr Transparency

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