What Mr Corbyn taught us yesterday


Yesterday was the first parliamentary test of Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership.

He created history by crowd-sourcing 6 questions from over 40,000 submitted him by people like you and me. Because these questions were from ordinary people, they were treated with respect. What ordinary people got from Parliamentary Question Time was an orderly debate not a bear pit.

Whether this new found temperance will last but once again Corbyn has confounded his critics. With Angela Eagle by his side he is appearing every inch the party leader and yesterday he controlled the house.

Cameron is sensibly not going to get into a battle of personalities. The result is what most people (other than the journalists) want, a proper discussion of issues.

Ongoing denial from the ruling caste.

I was at the Legal and General DC (not David Cameron) conference in the very posh Claridges Hotel yesterday. I suspect many of the people in the room had been at the posh Gleneagles hotel the weekend before and there was that sense of unreality I get when in the company of so many people who do not have to talk to customers.

The conference was addressed by Iain Anderson of Cicero consulting who made a number of points about Corbyn, the most salient being that Corbyn probably won’t be the next prime minister. This is to me an admission that Corbyn might be the next prime minister. This in itself is contrarian. Most people I speak to about Corbyn do not begin to understand his popularity.

Anderson commented on the confusion among journalists (he cited Skye) who have no access to Corbyn and are being denied their licence to taunt. Journalists have had it pretty easy since the advance of Blair and his spin doctors, now they may find life a little tougher, it is hard to have any sympathy for them.

There is no reason whatsoever that Jeremy Corbyn , leading a resurgent Labour Party cannot just be an effective opposition but a credible contender for Government post 2020. I am looking forward to the next five years, much more than I ever thought I would.

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