Vote early, vote late

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Polling stations are open today from 7 am. They close at 10 pm.

Some people will drive or cycle miles, some will walk, some will be driven. All over Britain people will make an effort to vote.

Will you?

I don’t want to sound the preacher , but it is easy to vote in Britain, no queues , no intimidation and you know that your vote will be counted in a fair way. We live in one of the world’s great democracies and the way to keep it that way is to vote.

It is bizarre that I am not (officially) allowed to advise you to save more money, but I can advise you not just to vote, but how to vote. I am not going to advise you how to vote or even give you guidance. Instead I will ask you this question

How will you respond to a question in the next five years as to how you voted?

Will you want to be counted as one who says “I did not vote”? Would you want to have to lie and say you did?

How you vote is a statement you make to yourself, nobody else, but it is a statement of your conviction not just in the candidate and the party, but in the election system.

If you do not believe in our election system and choose not to vote, then you are saying something about yourself, to yourself – and I don’t think it’s a positive statement.

Contribute and win

You’ve got to be in it to win it. Whether you are participating in a park run or the house of Lords, participating in the event is what you contribute. If you opt out of politics, you have failed to contribute to the great public endeavour of running this country.

The principle is very straightforward, not only does your vote count, it counts just as much as Jeremy’s or Boris’ or Jo’s or indeed any of the other leaders.

It counts as much if you are sitting in Lerwick or Stornaway, Anglesey or Belfast. It counts as much as if you are sitting in the City of London- as I am this morning. This is one day when – between 7 am and 10 am, we are all equally powerful in our political power and no vote is wasted.

Please vote, not just to keep Britain’s democracy a thriving example to the world, but for your own sake.

The contributory principle is  positive;-  if you are in it – you  win it.

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4 Responses to Vote early, vote late

  1. Peter Tompkins says:

    I can’t agree with an analysis of what you say. If all votes were of equal worth then of course you would be right. And you are right in sentiment. But I don’t think a voter in Maidenhead or in Islington North is going to find their vote makes any difference. Until we introduce an alternative electoral system then 80-90% of results will not be in doubt. And in reverse if you live in a marginal you get all the attention.

  2. Mark Meldon says:

    Is it wise to put your home address on the site?

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