Sarah Vine and Lady Macbeth

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The radio reports a leaked email from Mrs Gove to Mr Gove that has a touch of Lady Macbeth about it.

“Beware Johnson, beware Dacre and Murdoch”. The positioning of the career of Michael Gove above the interests of the country, the consequences of the referendum almost a side issue.

It is hard to remember that just over a year ago we went through the arduous process of a general election to set up a fixed term parliament that would implement a set of policies.

The promises made by the political leaders are now forgot. The subsequent reforms promoted in the Autumn Statement and Budget are subject not just to the referendum vote, but to the consequences of that vote.

Pension taxation reform, London’s new runway – the plethora of public consultations must all be put back again , to meet the needs of politicians and their internal -infernal- disputes.

In business and in society at large, we need continuity and respect. Continuity of purpose so that what is said is respected. Respect that comes from trusting those who set out their purpose to keep to it. It seems on both counts, the British people are being badly let down.

The need for someone to stop , put a foot on the ball and take charge

We badly need a leader to emerge who can take matters forward in a clear and understandable way. Cameron appears to have had most of what was needed but has kept bad company, he has not delivered the commanding performance that was needed, there has been little continuity of purpose and the public has shown him little respect.

Boris Johnson is a menace. It took certain friends of mine – with sound judgement to show me what he is, but now I have unpicked the clown, I find him made of poor stuff indeed. It is one thing to be marketing manager for London, it is another to speak for the people of Britain. Boris Johnson does not speak for ordinary people- though we love to hear him speak.

The less said about our official opposition the better

As for Labour, we need an opposition that is capable of catching a falling knife. Right now Labour could not do that, I am not sure that it is capable of reforming itself any time soon. The absence of a credible alternative to conservatism is deeply worrying, especially as the Conservative party is in the hands of Gove and Johnson – and Sarah Vine.

Little appeal in rule from Edinburgh.

We have strong leadership in the SNP, perhaps we should consider that if we cannot govern from London, perhaps we should be governed by Edinburgh! That thought may be crystallising some thinking in the Westminster Village.

The spirit of Liberalism

We have a potential party in the Liberal Democrats, they are all but anonymous in Westminster, they are a party of non-Government, one of ideas and principles that have remained consistent.

In my opinion, the destruction of the Liberal party, which was achieved by the Conservative party , is party of the general political hooliganism that is characterised by Sarah Vine’s letter.

Many  may ask themselves would they not be better off with politicians such as Clegg and Cable and Webb who clearly defined what they were about and acted for the good of the country.

I sincerely hope that the spirit of liberalism, of being a part not just of the EU but of a wider global community, the spirit of tolerance in which I was brought up, will re-assert itself.

This country deserves more than we are getting from either of the two ruling parties, it deserves a party that speaks for all parts of the United Kingdom and it requires a party driven by social purpose and not by the personal ambition of its leaders.

If we cannot have a Liberal Party in Westminster, I hope we have that spirit of liberalism. Or else we will have more of Lady Macbeth and her wrecking ball husband.

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3 Responses to Sarah Vine and Lady Macbeth

  1. John Mather says:

    More the IDS of March

  2. Gerry Flynn says:

    What is more telling in the email is reference to Murdoch and Dacre and those not mentioned ie the Barclay brothers & R Desmond who control the bulk of the right wing press in the UK. The post Brexit fall out is of their making and has to be laid firmly at their door.

  3. Peter Brown says:

    I think it just shows the “corruption” of the Westminster system where the entire future of the Country has been put in hands of a small clique of people whose only democratic credential is that the wider political party to which they claimed allegiance got just over 1/3 of the votes in the most recent General Election. This smaller group in turn approximately 1/3rd of the MPs of that party that were elected; owe their position to an even smaller “third estate” of people completely without democratic responsibility who use their position of influence to create a climate of fear targeting anyone who might stand in the way of their nominee.
    Whoever is elected Conservative Party leader and hence becomes Prime Minister will have so little democratic credibility that it makes the appointment of Jean-Claude Junckers (so lambasted by the very same third estate) a very model of democracy (nominated by a Council of elected heads of Government of every Member state and then elected into office by a Parliament of consisting of democratically elected representative of all political persuasions).
    No political party (except perhaps the SNP) has any democratic mandate to determine the future of the Country after the Brexit vote as none put forward any Prospectus for a post Article 50 legislative programme to the electorate nor an indication how they would seek to manage the Budget. In particular the Conservative Party did not put forward the alternative paths they would follow depending on the results of the Referendum. If they had we might well have had an entirely different result!
    It is to my mind at least, the totally outdated Parliamentary (at least House of Commons) concept that the Country can best be governed by a system of conflict based on opposition, two sword lengths apart, and winner takes all votes that places power in the hands of the very few and not all of whom have any democratic credentials at all. This is certainly not a model of democracy I wish to defend or indeed wish to see perpetuated.
    But consensus doesn’t sell newspapers!

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