Sunak needs Osborne’s rabbit and hat to win now!

Yesterday I reported that Rishi Sunak had drifted to 3-1 against while Liz Truss was 3-1 on

Morning odds – 26/07/22

Today’s news is that the odds have widened further

A Sunak win is now promising  nearly four pounds profit to a one pound stake while a Truss win will pay a miserly 26p. Sunak’s odds are now 16 times more attractive than Truss’ – suggesting the market now sees him as a “dead man walking”.

Perhaps that’s unfortunate phrase after last night’s drama when TalkTV’s host, Kate McCann, fainted on air. Fortunately she is alright though the incident looks pretty traumatic on this video.

I can’t see any obvious way back for Sunak on this – which will be a worry for those (like our Pension Minister) who have publicly sided with the former Chancellor.

Perhaps Sunak should have a word with his Pauline predecessor George Osborne, who had particular expertise in pulling rabbits out of a hat!

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  1. John Mather says:

    Add another £1 for me Henry on Sunak

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