Rejoicing in Hackney as Zola the dog is found


Zola, the Pension Minister’s hound was lost in Haggersden. But Zola has been found. We will forgive “late comms” on DB funding , there is more rejoicing in the Borough of Hackney over one dog that is found…well done Zola, well done chipping, well done the Birdcage and well done the search team.

The full story is revealed by exploring Guy Opperman’s twitter feed.

And there’s good news for drinkers in trendy Columbia Road.

Happy though the ending is, it’s clearly been a tough couple of days for our Pensions Minister.

All’s well that end’s well. We know Zola as candidate for parliamentary dog of the year, let’s hope that Guy Opperman will be in post to share with us pension people more of this canine madness that is a welcome relief to the diurnal grind.

Zola in rural Northumbria



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