My moneyed valentine!

The cards sit on the kitchen worktop, one to another- ludicrously anonymised and accompanied by chocolates on both sides. We have insured ourselves against each other’s opprobrium.

We could have gone further in de-risking a potentially bloody valentine

I suspect that most of us fear the consequences of getting valentines wrong than delight in getting it right. I love the idea that treating your partner to some ersatz soft- porn in Paris will show her your love. It has all the subtlety of a trip to Ann Summers.

But most of us will navigate round the bloody to the funny valentine. We’ll find that tender moment that relights the spark, or – have we no current lover – enjoy the spectacle of supermarket queues of anxious men, hoping belated roses will do.

We are such saps, tenderness cannot be purchased at Tescos, nor yet with Imperial Corporate events, it is freely given and received, it is sealed with a kiss!



For those of us who stayed up to 3 am to see the Rams conquer the Bengals, , I wish you a quiet one!



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2 Responses to My moneyed valentine!

  1. kate upcraft says:

    very glad you’re both buying M&S gifts, as a deferred scheme member and soon to be pension recipient I want the sponsor to keep doing well even at the expenses of armies of romantics. We ate some of our M&S Valentine meal deal last night – that’s what you do after 35 years, buy it because its good value and then decide its way too much for one sitting and make it last all week, bit like marriage!

  2. henry tapper says:

    Yes, I believe the Meal Deal included the option of Belgian Chocolates for the sweet. We are economising and going out for an Indian tonight!

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