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The “Air Miles First” approach to sustainable investing.

  Just how serious are American investment houses in saving the planet? No doubt delegates to this conference consider the concept of a “fly-in” pretty cool. Delegates get to meet each other in a Washington Conference Hotel having flown in … Continue reading

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Retirement planning , a rare instance of Britain leading the USA.

I am surprised by how little we have to learn from the American pension system. Thanks to David John for sending out a link to this article from the National Association of Plan Advisors. This is taken from  MICHAEL P. BARRY’s  … Continue reading

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Something “DC” that John Ralfe and I agree on!

I sometimes think John and I will never agree, I am forever looking at the world half full and he “half empty”, where I see opportunity, he sees danger, where he sees certainty, I see parsimony. But when John posted … Continue reading

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An American view on the collapse of “traditional pensions”.

This article was first published in the NEW YORK TIMES under the headline The Real Reason the Investor Class Hates Pensions No issue in America today better illustrates the divergent interests of working Americans and the 1 percent than pension … Continue reading

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Why we need to see the workplace pension IMAs.

This article  relates to US DC managers (fiduciaries). It shows just how seriously the USA is taking the obligations of fiduciaries towards members of workplace pensions. This article calls for UK fiduciaries (Trustees and IGCs) to be given the opportunity to … Continue reading

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Procrastination, the thief of time – (Josh Collins)

Procrastination is, in essence, stealing from yourself. The reason goals are so hard to reach, many psychologists think, is because each person believes they are really two people: Present Me and Future Me. And to most people, Future Me is much less … Continue reading

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Second mover advantage – UK can trump US 401(k)

    Here’s an analysis of what’s going on in yankee-doodle-land, especially with their workplace pensions. Once again I’m grateful to Per Andalus for the prompt Commentators often point to the US 401K and IRA markets as models for the UK … Continue reading

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We need to do something about annuities

There is something fundamentally wrong with the annuity market that needs to be fixed Continue reading

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