The “Air Miles First” approach to sustainable investing.


Just how serious are American investment houses in saving the planet?

No doubt delegates to this conference consider the concept of a “fly-in” pretty cool. Delegates get to meet each other in a Washington Conference Hotel having flown in from around the country.

After a couple of barren years, with many “elite advisors” now running out of  air miles for elite upgrades, NAPA has come to the rescue.

The 2022 NAPA D.C. Fly-In Forum — in its 10th year! — is back in person. And the application period is open! The Fly-In Forum is a convergence of the nation’s elite advisors, for the purpose of engaging with key federal policymakers and advocating for legislative policy affecting the retirement industry.

No doubt the sponsors of this lobbying event consider its carbon footprint but I couldn’t see much on the agenda to suggest this conference does. So let’s check those sponsors out..

A few familiar names here, busy sponsoring people to fly to an event that could be held online. I wonder what commercial advantage might be gained by getting so many bums on aircraft seats?

Maybe I’m having a Greta moment here. What is the point of Blah Blah Blah about sustainable investment strategies when you’ve just melted another berg of ice?

If some of the organisations over there , want to be successful over here, they’d better show a little more integrity in the way they go about their marketing.

In case you are interested in booking your flight, here’s the link.


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