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What are deferred annuities and why do they matter?

  Cooper and Cumbo – Aussie dream team In a real example, an Aussie who bought a $10,000 deferred annuity at 65 would receive an annual income of $1741 a year from age 85, if they survived to that age. … Continue reading

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Something “DC” that John Ralfe and I agree on!

I sometimes think John and I will never agree, I am forever looking at the world half full and he “half empty”, where I see opportunity, he sees danger, where he sees certainty, I see parsimony. But when John posted … Continue reading

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Smoke and daggers (Con Keating on ”confusions and misunderstandings”)

This article was published in yesterday’s Professional Pensions and is published here in its entirety with the permission of Con Keating. A search on Con Keating will give up other articles on this topic to which this blog refers! Given … Continue reading

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