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The new consensus on when we can retire

It is only a matter of time for sponsors to have their Damascan moment and suggest to their trustees that a flexible retirement age is equally applicable to working practices and the payment of pensions Continue reading

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Why do some workforces accept DB pension closure and some strike?

The members I spoke to …were not happy but at least they understood the corporate dilemma. It seems that over time they have reached a consensus that it is in their long-term collective interest to accept the proposed changes and move on without unrest.

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Delivering a pension

The ordinary member of a pension scheme will not be aware of Liability Driven Investment, however he or she is acutely aware that their pension may be at risk. Continue reading

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Public sector pension debt

How long before the ratings agencies catch up with us and require us to take action over our public sector pension debt? Continue reading

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Scheme liabilities- Rest in Peace

The old adage that if the Equitable Life was a pension scheme it would still be trading today can be reversed. If most pension schemes were regulated as life insurance companies are today they would not be in business. Which is why we must be very worried indeed about threats to the buy-out market and very worried for our DC members about the impact on the cost of annuity purchase. Continue reading

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The Ilford ruling-who won?

The Ilford ruling will require trustees to concentrate on sound investment strategies and stop the practice of securing tip-top pensions at the expense of Joe the tax-payer. It will require companies to pay more attention to the risk management of their pensions rather than relying on a Government lifeboat.

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How will Jersey deal with its pension liabilities?

I’m following the interractions between Jersey’s stakeholders with great interest. The island has much to offer the mainland (and Europe) as a test bed for pension reform. Continue reading

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