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A Masterful letter from Athene Donald.

Athene Donald, the Master of Churchill College Cambridge has written a letter to Alistair Jarvis at UUK. It talks of clarity and is a model of clarity. It expresses in a few word, a concern voiced several times on this … Continue reading

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Could this letter have opened the lecture- room door to a pension settlement?

  This letter needs to be read carefully. CDC is carefully positioned as one of a number of options available to improve benefits to staff. It would be in practice an upgrade to the existing DC scheme in place and … Continue reading

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The rotten boroughs of the Isis and the Fens – Mike Otsuka

On the implausibility of the Registrar’s denial of disproportionate Oxbridge influence In an article in the Guardian entitled ‘Universities strike blamed on vote by Oxbridge colleges’, Richard Adams reports that “the employers’ backing” of “policies resulting in the harsh cuts” … Continue reading

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The magnitude of the challenge facing University staff – Mike Otsuka

Normally, an employers closing a DB plan for future accrual wouldn’t be that controversial, but our universities aren’t normal employers and these are not normal times, Mike Otsuka gives the background to the impending dispute between the Universities, its staff … Continue reading

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Why do some workforces accept DB pension closure and some strike?

The members I spoke to …were not happy but at least they understood the corporate dilemma. It seems that over time they have reached a consensus that it is in their long-term collective interest to accept the proposed changes and move on without unrest.

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