Have you got a hungry heart?


If you’re reading this before 1pm on Sunday May 3rd, there is time for you to click this link and here what remains of Hungry Heart’s Springsteen-athon.


I’ve had my headphones on for just nearly 13 hours, taking me off to explain to my partner that I’m ducking Britain’s got talent and explaining that she can dance along with me by sharing the music through the TV!

Hannah from Burgers and Bruce, Thom from Pizza Pilgrims and Jon from RedLine run Hungry Heart and it’s been a pleasure to listen to Hannah and Jon as they seek to raise £1,000 per hour for the 24 hours they dj Springsteen songs.

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Since I bought a copy of Darkness on the Edge of Town in 1978, Bruce Springsteen has been in my head;- that’s my entire adult life. Every one of his gigs I’ve been to has renewed my admiration of the man.  Alongside Nick Cave , he’s the person I turn to when I need some fortification against the vicissitudes of life. (I put Jesus in a super-category!)

Thanks to Andy and Sara for alerting me to Hungry Heart.

Thanks to Hannah and Jon for making it through the night!

So what are you waiting for?  Slap on the cans , plug them into your nearest device, check your broadband and click here. Even if you’ve missed the live streaming, there are some excellent playlists.

And don’t forget to tip!

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