Need help finding your national insurance number?

We need our national insurance number for all kinds of reason. It is our unique personal identifier and we often get asked for it for everything from finding pension pots to hiring a car.

It appears on your payslip and other tax documents like P60s and P45s, but all too often , the moment we want our NI number is when we don’t have this information to hand.

So why not make sure you’ve always got access to your information as the Government holds it? Download the HMRC app today.

You can use this downtime while at home to get on terms with HMRC by downloading their app onto your phone. And once you’ve done it and logged on for the first time, you’ll find yourself in control.

If you haven’t already done so, I recommend you find and print your National Insurance number using the HMRC App today.

What you can do with the HMRC app

See it

  • your tax code
  • your National Insurance number
  • an estimate of the tax you need to pay
  • your income and benefits
  • how much you will receive in tax credits and when they will be paid
  • your Unique Taxpayer Reference (UTR) for Self Assessment

Do it

  • report tax credits changes and complete your renewal
  • access your Help to Save account
  • use our tax calculator to work out your take home pay after Income Tax and National Insurance deductions
  • track forms and letters you have sent to us
  • claim a refund if you have paid too much tax
  • update your postal address

Getting started

Download the free HMRC app:

Sign in

Enter your Government Gateway user ID and password to sign into your account for the first time only. If you do not have sign in details you can create them on the same sign-in page.

And once you’ve gone through the fag of entering your user ID and password , you’ll be accessing your information by;-

  • a 6-digit PIN
  • your fingerprint
  • facial recognition


It really is worth doing.

Help and support

If you have a problem with your account that you can’t solve using our online resources, there is other help available.

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