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The cost of prudence – a cautionary tale from the pen of Con Keating

The problem with adding ‘prudence’ to a discount rate is that it does nothing for the uncertainty of the ultimate benefits, but it raises costs in the meantime in a manner which simply cannot be justified. In the case we … Continue reading

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The USS needs a plan that we all can understand

I am not smart enough to add much to the academic debate pursued by Professors  Michael Bromwich and Dennis Leech , the venerable Con Keating and the scholarly Woon Wong.  Readers looking for the views of Ros Altmann can find … Continue reading

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The £1 Trillion Gain From Dumping Pension Convention

You wait ages for one to come along then two come along at once. Not buses, but reports disrupting established thinking on how we value pension liabilities. Nikesh Patel, Head of Investment Strategy UK & Maya Beyhan, Investment Strategist at Kempen Capital … Continue reading

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A suffocating man craves the foulest stench.

Such is the pressure on trustees and sponsors of our defined benefit schemes to appear solvent, that they welcome the transfer of their potential pensioners to “cash” as a suffocating man breathes fetid gas. It is within the capacity of … Continue reading

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Transfer values – Con Keating sees a comedy of errors!

This blog is from the pen of Con Keating     There has been a spate of requests for quotations of transfer values from DB schemes and much publicity given to some of the more public figures who have taken … Continue reading

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Transfer heaven or transfer hell?

Saturday kitchen’s binary dilemma informs on the “stampede” for a defined benefit transfer value (CETV). Those who still have this option have been offered as much as 40 times the prospective pension as cash payable to an approved pension. With … Continue reading

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This is Liverpool – this train terminates here

Another restatement, the gravy train has hit the buffers. Continue reading

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