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We’re giving pensions a bad name

This from the News of the World this weekend Fair? Judge for yourself You work till you drop,pay a fortune into your pension , then get a pittance until you die. Unless you’re a judge. Earn up to £206,000 pa. … Continue reading

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Thank goodness for Hutton

Hats off to the coalition to tackling this subject and congratulations to Lord Hutton for establishing a debate which both in content and tone has the potential to let us reorganise our society upon fairer and more efficient lines.

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Lord Hutton, longevity and financial planning

I would go beyond Lord Hutton’s immediate proposals and suggest that we have a series of key valuation factors for all the various forms of pensions we belong to. These factors would provide a benchmark , deviation from which would be justified by specific, clearly disclosed circumstances.
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Where the pensions axe falls

The spending review will hit the poorest pensioned hardest. The freezing of pension credits and the raising of the State Pension Retirement Age are non-progressive measures. Women who are generally less well pensioned will suffer from the raising of the SRA … Continue reading

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This is Liverpool – this train terminates here

Another restatement, the gravy train has hit the buffers. Continue reading

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