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First Actuarial are able to explain this GMP equalisation thing and the implications for pension (and company) accounting. Having done a webinar or two with “Sam and Jingoe”- I’d say this will be time well spent!

Here’s your invite!

Our webinar will discuss some of the key issues for companies to consider as they begin to plan for their 31 December 2018 year-end pension accounting disclosures. This will include developments in assumptions, funding levels and accounting practice.


A key issue this year will be the potential cost of equalising guaranteed minimum pensions (GMPs) for men and women. The High Court has ruled in the Lloyds Banking Group case that pension schemes must equalise GMPs. This will potentially add between 1% and 3% to the liabilities of most pension schemes.  Although, there are still several unknowns it is expected that auditors will require an allowance for GMP equalisation in year-end pension accounting disclosures. Our webinar will consider the latest thinking on this issue and the impact for companies.


To book your place on our webinar please visit:


The webinar will be held at 2pm on Wednesday 21 November and will be presented by Catherine Lockyer, John Ingoe and Sam Mullock. It will last around 40 minutes and there will be the opportunity to ask questions of First Actuarial’s experts.


We hope that you can join us. For any questions please email   

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