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Risk-taking , ground-breaking academics in our universities

I have been impressed by the way academics , through their unions, took on university employers and the received wisdom of the pension industry and refused to let their defined benefit scheme close to future accrual. I’m pleased that one … Continue reading

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The nastiest, hardest problem in finance

  For all the emotion surrounding transfer values, it’s worth taking a step back and ask the simple question “should I stay or should I go”. In July, John Ralfe wrote what (for me) is still the best summary of the situation … Continue reading

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Shouldn’t we be accountable for the decisions we take? -Guest blog from Ralph Frank

The concept of accountability, particularly when it comes to financial decisions and their consequences, seems to be becoming increasingly vague.  There appears to be a trend towards decision-makers wanting a release from decisions they have voluntarily made.  Why should this … Continue reading

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When will we ever learn?

  There are no short-cuts in pensions, there are no silver bullets, easy answers, no lottery wins, no free alpha. There’s just a lot of hard saving backed up by good governance , cost control and sound investment strategy. Pete Seeger, … Continue reading

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Why it’s harder to get knowledge than information

  Digital Guidance supports people taking tough decisions but it cannot take those decisions for them. Even when a decision is taken not to do something – like not to choose an investment strategy or pay voluntary contributions, people feel … Continue reading

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