Steve Webb, fresh from the Mansion House – 10.30 today at Pension PlayPen

Steve is one of Britain’s premier pension commentators , having been Minister for Pensions during the Coalition. Now he’s a consultant for LCP and he appears on every platform from the Martin Lewis Money Show to the Work and Pensions Select Committee.

Last night he was at the Mansion House, listening to the Chancellor roll out the Mansion House Reforms. You can read what the Chancellor said here.

But more importantly , you can sign in to the Pension PlayPen coffee morning here.

I’m keen to know

  1. What Steve thought of the speech and the ideas behind them
  2. Whether he thinks the reforms will be applied or be remembered only for the rhetoric
  3. What the mood in the room was like before and after the speech
  4. How LCP will react to what has been said

There’s lots to discuss, including the Compact, VFM, LGPS, Superfunds, CDC and the impact on DC and DB pensions.

And it would be great to hear from you.

What were you sad was left out?

What are you happy about?

Will the Mansion House Reforms make a blind bit of difference?

Are you feeling £1,000 pa richer?




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