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#AMNTConf2016 vAAMConf – substance and swank!

Yesterday, I flitted between Aberdeen’s swanky conference at the Bankers Hall in the City and the less swanky Association of Member Nominated Trustee’s conference at Holborn. Aberdeen’s afforded me plenty of insights and I’m grateful for the magnificent show they put … Continue reading

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Lux in tenebris   The roof leaks, the walls are crumbling but the House of Commons is still the seat of British Government. Andy Agethangelou has used the momentum he and his team have built up to set up a Transparency … Continue reading

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Will the transparency Zeitgeist pervade the FCA?

The Financial Times is reporting that the Association of Member Nominated  Trustees are ready to exercise muscle to get to the bottom of what we are paying for charges. This is really good news ; but before we get too … Continue reading

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“AMNT” or “APPT” – Why DB trustees don’t get DC!

Yesterday I gate-crashed two parties. Party one was held by the association of professional pension trustees at the Butchers livery Hall and party two was held by the association of member nominated trustees around the corner. Both parties were in … Continue reading

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