#AMNTConf2016 vAAMConf – substance and swank!

Yesterday, I flitted between Aberdeen’s swanky conference at the Bankers Hall in the City and the less swanky Association of Member Nominated Trustee’s conference at Holborn.

Aberdeen’s afforded me plenty of insights and I’m grateful for the magnificent show they put on but I kept on wondering – where is the audience. Despite the hall being full all day, the audience were virtually unheard. Even in the evening, when we were asked to an “ask Monty” Montgomerie some golfing questions session, none of the audience got a question in

AMNTs was quite the opposite; though WTW’s Holborn’s office is a bit stuffy , everyone was out and about running from workshop to workshop brushing up on the new DC Code, discussing valuations and worrying over the milking and dumping of pension obligations.

The ubiquitous Crackers put did a talk when I was there and I gather there had been a number of sessions in the morning that had gone really well. Everyone seemed pleased to see me even though I got there very late.

In short, the audience was the star of the show. I quote from one of the speakers with whom I was exchanging emails.

I take my hat off to many in that room who take on huge responsibilities in being a trustee.

The swank was in Bank but the substance was in Holborn; as we consider the FCA’s Asset Management Market Study , I wonder whether the swanky lot in Bank haven’t rather more to learn from the AMNT than the other way round!

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